Zephyra elegans seedlings, seed sown 24.1.2018 photograph taken 14.2.2018, very fast germination they will reach around 30 cm high with grass like leaves and will produce white flowers going blue towards the edges in spring but not until at least their second year.  They are not frost hardy.                                                                                                        

11/2/2018             Hellebore orientalis, good to see flowers open, our seedlings are all growing well

10/2/2018   Erysimum scoparium seedlings, these seeds were sown in November in a cold greenhouse and they germinated in December.  We have just transferred them to 7 cm pots  

Primula mistassinica, occurs around Wisconsin pefers damp soil neutral to alkaline, flowers with lovely lilac petals in May/June. It is an interesting species that has a white powder on the leaves quite often. It is of concern in the wild so the more gardeners that grow it the better !