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Viola 'Faded Denim' a mixture of Blues, Purples and White 

     Tootsplants is a small plant nursery and have been enjoying, growing and selling seeds and plants for over 30 years.

     We grow a range of plants, alpines, hardy perennials, annuals,house/office plants, succulents etc. They are grown peat free and most are wintered outside. The seed is all fresh, collected and renewed each year. 

      In stock are easy to grow but not often seen seeds such as Campanula incurva, Viola papuanum, Mimulus species, Oenothera species, House plant/annual Eustoma

     Some unusual annual seeds from South America, 2 Schizanthus species and Mimulus bridgesii or the perennial Primula misstassinica from North America                        

The website is in the process of being set up so items are being added as we go along.

We send out by Royal Mail, postal charges start at £3.95 for plants and seeds  £1.50 

Eustoma, Lisianthus or Prairie Gentian, from the Prairies of Texas, seeds in stock, growing to 60 cms tall with a long succession of beautiful purple/blue flowers through the Summer . Easy to germinate and grow.

The flower from a Ninebark Diablo ( Physocarpus opulifolius ) very attractive reddish foliage and these flowers in profusion. We sell these from 9 cm pots, they flower at this size, a very hardy shrub partial shade or full sun


01442 262388

We have gained much inspiration though visits to National Trust sites and the RHS at Wisley

Our plants have provided the inspiration for  beautiful jewellery     

to see many of these flowers made as jewellery go to the above link

Eustoma ( Lisianthus ) 'Sapphire Blue' seedlings - 2 weeks old

Schizanthus litoralis    an annual plant from South America (Chile) sow the seeds indoors February/March and plant out after the last frost

Oenothera 'copper canyon' white changing to pink as the day goes on !  Seeds in store


House/Office plant season- An interesting African Violet 'Pink Champagne' unusual in that the leaves are pink in the centre - Available in the Shop