Tootsplants is an online plant nursery and we have been enjoying, growing and selling seeds and plants for over 30 years.

     We grow a range from House/Office plants to alpines, hardy perennials, annuals etc. They are grown peat free and most are wintered outside. The seed is all fresh, collected and renewed each year. In addition we have a range of House/Office plants including many Succulents.

    The stock includes easy to grow but not often seen seeds such as Campanula incurva, Viola papuanum, Mimulus species, Oenothera species, House plant/annual Eustoma

     Some unusual annual seeds from South America, 2 Schizanthus species and Mimulus bridgesii or the perennial Primula misstassinica from North America 

     We send orders out by Royal Mail, £5.75 for Plants and £1.50 for seeds   

   Having grow plants from seed for many years we decided it was time to turn our hobby into a business not just because we where running out of space. The sense of achievement and satisfaction in turning a hand full of seeds into a 'crop' and then being able to sell them is immense and very rewarding. Constantly looking for something else to try, sometimes successful other times try again! It is very enjoyable and sometimes frustrating.


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