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Acis autumnalis

Anomatheca laxa 'Joan Evans' will reach 20 cm - 30 cms high, generally flowers in June or July, having said this ours are flowering in late September. A good plant for a rockery. It is half hardy H3, probably best to over winter in a cold greenhouse. From South Africa and Mozambique. If grown from seed will flower in first season.

Anemone blanda

Chionodoxa forbesii blue

Crocus chryanthus blue pearl


Fritillaria pontica grows to around 30 cm tall, flowers in late spring/early summer                                      Seeds £3 for 25


Hyacinth Roman blue and purple



Hyacinth Roman blue and purple



Ixia 'Spotlight'

Ixia 'Castor'

Leucojum aestivum

Muscari armenaicum

Muscari aucheri 'Ocean magic'

Muscari neglectum


Sisyrinchium bellum 'alba'

Sisyrinchium patagonicum